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One of my sisters (I say “one” because I have a plethora of sisters) gave me this for Christmas.

I love it.
I can’t help myself…
…and, apparently, neither can my friends, family, colleagues and clients who have contributed to my vast collection of The Green “M”.

It started innocently enough.
The first award I won for my work in television was for directing. My sister (the one we call “The Baby”) found this wonderful coffee mug with The Green “M” on it sitting in a director’s chair.

It was the perfect gift, my favourite colour is green. I have, for as long as I can remember, always signed everything with “M” and…come on, she was sitting in a director’s chair. Yes, I said “she”. As it turns out of all the beloved “M & M” characters the green “M” is the only female character.
This was my first “M” piece and it remains my favourite. I have had to glue her together a couple of time (oops), but I don’t cry anymore if she gets broken.
I don’t even really know how it happened, but other “M” pieces started appearing. Before I knew it, this seemed to be the gift of choice. My birthday, Christmas any occasion: that is what I got, another “M” piece. One Christmas I found myself in the very embarrassing situation of unwrapping the very same piece from three different people. My collection grew by leaps and bounds. Mugs, cups, bowls, plates, glasses, figurines, canisters, puzzles, tape dispensers, candy dispensers, earrings, watches, t-shirts, sleep wear, towels, cloths…do I really need to keep going? If you can think of it, there is a green “M” version of it. It wasn’t long before my office, where I proudly displayed the collection, was over run. I think it was the whole triplicate gift thing that broke that straw. They now have their own room in my home. If you think I am exaggerating check out the photos below.

Over the years I have collected, or tried to collect other things. I always wanted to collect music boxes but no one else would contribute. There was a bee thing for awhile, but I think the “M”s over ran them and they are in boxes somewhere. I still have a small collection of antique/old cameras from my days as a professional photographer. At some point those will probably go as well. It seems that at some point we become over run by all the stuff we accumulate over a lifetime and we have to make some tough decisions to purge. One of my favourite writer/bloggers (some know him as @BloggerDad), David Wright, has recently started a website called Project 30 Days where he is attempting to change 12 things about his life… one month at a time. His recent post talking about what he has collected over the years and his challenge to show him our junk, and the fact that I am once again in packing mode has me taking stock on my “collections”. Seriously, I have a collection that has its own room!
I know I have contributed to the green “M” thing with my own purchases and I have probably encouraged people a little with using this as my avatar on facebook,

or by making sure my new “grand niece” participated.

Ellee Rose dressing up for Auntie “M”

But, I think it is time to stop. Friends, family, people I barely know, step away from the purchase of the next green “M”…
…of course I really love those sneakers in the Franklin Mint Catalogue.

Here I am with my counter part “The Devine Miss M”

What collections do you have that are out of  control? I’d love to hear about them.

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