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Last week I spent some time with some of the most talented individuals in the entertainment industry, from all over the world.
No.  I am not talking about Angelina, Brad or George.  I was not at TIFF (Toronto Film Festival).

I had the honour of being one of the judges for the PROMAX/BDA awards.  Something I have participated in for several years and enjoy to no end.

PROMAX/BDA is the International Association for Entertainment Marketing Professionals. The PromaxBDA Awards is the only competition dedicated to recognizing excellence in Marketing, Design and Creative content in the entertainment industry. With thousands of entries each year, the competition is stiff. But if your work is strong enough to bring home a Muse, you’ll understand why the PromaxBDA Awards are the industry standard for excellence.

Personally, I have competed and twice brought home my very own Muse from the annual convention in New York City.  I know what it meant to me to receive this honour, (did I mention twice?) so I take it very seriously when asked to judge the work of others. There are many categories and the only ones you are not eligible to score are ones that you may be competing in yourself. Each category is scored in the same manner. Points are given for Marketing Objective, Overall Creativity and Production quality, with each of these being scored out of 100%. It is always a surprise to see which straw I draw for categories and I was very fortunate to get my two favourite categories while judging PROMAX/BDA ANZ (Australia/New Zealand). “Something For Nothing”, and the “Rocket” awards.

My favourite category is “Something For Nothing”. The name speaks for itself. You have something to promote. There is no money in the budget for this. You have limited resources and quite often the show/special/event hasn’t started yet so you don’t even have any visuals to work with. OK, I admit this may be near and dear to my heart because I myself find that I continually have to create a “Silk Purse from a Sows Ear” (this is where you should look up, way up, and see the name of my blog at the top). It never ceases to astound me what people are capable of creating when they start with nothing. Quite often I find myself watching the same entry over and over again trying to figure out how they came up with their ideas, or because I am astounded at the impact of a piece that is simplicity itself. Here are a couple of my favourites for you to enjoy, each quite different from the other.

Here There   &   The Riff: Promo With Carissa (Long)

The second category I love is called the promo “Rocket” award. This award celebrates new, up and coming talent. As the name insinuates the individuals competing for this award are the bright and shining stars of the future and not even the sky will limit them. They are judged on a body of work with the same criteria as the other awards…Marketing Objective, Overall Creativity & Production Quality. It is a reward itself to be able to view some of the creative genius of these young people and one can only imagine what they will share with us in the future. Here are a few of the people to be on the watch for …
Anastasia Doniants – TVNZ , Karlton Christopher Akari – Fox Sports , Jared Barnes – W-Foxtel , Luke Farquhar– XYZ Networks and Carlos Sanchez – Nickelodeon.  There were several more but this will give you a taste of the talent that is being unleashed on the world.

I spent a week admiring and being inspired by these spots. Laughing, crying, oohing and awing and thoroughly enjoying myself. Always, sad when it is over, I was thrilled to see in my inbox my notification that “Judging for Promax/BDA Africa starts today”, and I was off for another week of viewing some pretty incredible talent.

Note: If you do not belong to PROMAX/BDA or have never attended the PROMAX/BDA Annual Conference at the very least sign up for their Daily Brief where you can be updated on industry happenings and news and are treated to a daily sample of some of the latest brilliance in the industry.


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