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Recently …  oh my! I can’t say recently.
A few months ago …  how can that be … has it really been a few months?
It has been a few months, the 25th of July to be exact, since I was so graciously named by Traci of the Silva Gang over at Life on a Silva Platter 
for the 7 X 7 Link Award. She wrote this hysterical piece “I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Drivers Test” that had me laughing so hard I almost missed that I was mentioned near the bottom.

Well, I thank you Traci. Please don’t think that I am ungrateful. I really am. Grateful that is. When I looked at what was required to keep this award moving I thought I would need to think about it. Well, apparently I think very, very slowly.

7 X 7 Blog Award

Here are the things that must be done as a recipient of this award:

1) Share something about myself that no one (in the blogging community) knows.
I just wrote about how I stuff my bra with all manner of paraphernalia, really, there isn’t much I haven’t already shared here.

2) Link to 7 posts of mine that I feel worthy of the pre-determined 7 X 7 blogger award categories:

• Most Beautiful Piece – A Breath of Fresh Air  Beauty is in the eye of of the beholder and I say this is one beautiful air freshener.

• Most Helpful Piece – What the “Duck”!? There are things people should know about ducks. Just sayin’.

• Most Popular Piece – These Redheads Do Not Tread Gingerly According to WordPress stats the world is secretly fascinated with Gingers.

• Most Controversial Piece – Has Anyone Seen Herb?  People are still asking me about Herb. It remains an unsolved mystery.

• Most Surprisingly Successful Piece – The “Other” Michelle  Yes, it turns out we all still like to “google” ourselves.

• Most Underrated Piece – Oh, Christmas Tree…or Not  I laughed, I cried. I cried a lot.

• Most Pride – Worthy Piece – Winnipeg: The Centre of the Universe  Come on! I bit the bullet and actually went there, not once but twice!

Well, wasn’t that fun, going back and reading old posts to pick out some of these. It was also a little harder than I expected.

3) Pass it along. Traci described it as a “hot potato” but, as I let this one get so cold I like to think of it as potato salad. It may be cold but it is really tasty, so share.

Here are seven of my favourite bloggers as tasty and shareable as potato salad.


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