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Every time I get my car serviced, whether it be for something big or just an oil change, I have found that no matter where I take it they put in a nice new shiny air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror. It’s a funny thing but that never use to happen. This may seem like a nice gesture, or good customer service but I take it personally. They actually have to remove the air freshener I have there when I take the car in to put the new one on. To date no one has actually thrown it out. They usually leave it somewhere I can find it.
I just had my car serviced this is the air freshener I found dangling when my car was returned to me.

Their idea of an airfreshener

Ok, it is cute. I believe it is the AFLAC duck.  Always, a hero.
This is MY air freshener that was hanging from my rear view mirror when I took my car in.
I have had it for some time and am rather attached to it. I’m sure I don’t need to explain myself.

My idea of an airfreshener

When I first acquired my little friend, I had just spent a couple of hours waiting in line with a lot of other people (mostly men) waiting for my cars E Test to be done. As I patiently waited my turn I watched as the attendants would offer an air freshener of their choice to each male customer. They were all scantily clad women and they had to choose between 5 different poses. It didn’t bother me that the male indecision of which lovely they wanted hanging from their mirror was adding an extra 5 minutes to each service. What did bother me was when the customer was a woman they simply installed a great big yellow happy face from the mirror. Yes, I said a “Happy Face”. When it came my turn I interrupted the installation and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m sure you can do better than that”. They looked at me, rather sheepishly and very slowly retrieved a box from behind the counter. Some of the finest male specimens I have laid eyes on lay in that box. There were 5 choices (and a few choice words from me for hiding them behind the counter). I demanded one of each and they didn’t argue. I had a lot of fun mailing the other four to friends I knew would appreciate them.
Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter if it is a mechanic or just a friend, or even a boss who borrows my car (as long as they are male), when I get it back they are pink behind the ears (sometimes even quite flushed) as they hand me the keys and I always have to search for my air freshener.
I’m pretty sure the air freshener part doesn’t even work anymore. I can plant other air fresheners around my car for that. But seriously, who would want to replace that grin with a happy face? Not this girl.

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