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Usually people post reflective offerings closer to the end of the year. That week between Christmas and the New Year seems to be the appropriate time for a look in the proverbial mirror. Yeah, well, I can’t wait that long.

Looking in the mirror these days is more than a bit scary. On so many levels I don’t recognize that person looking back. This year has brought out the worst in a lot of people and I confess I’ve not been unscathed. Yesterday, my current reality was smacked in the face when this showed up in my news feed:

The first thought in my mind was not kind. I didn’t say it out loud but I was stunned by the harsh reaction in my head. My thoughts weren’t that nasty when the sperm donor who impregnated his mother fell ill. It really upset me that I went to such a dark place so quickly.

I have not been mute in my disgust for 45, but I have tried to keep it civilized. This has required a lot of filtering from my brain to my mouth/fingers. Recently, I was having a discussion on line with someone I have known for a very long time who’s support of that vile being has shocked me. I was accused of being a meme. I’m not sure which upset me more, their support of the dumpster fire or the insinuation that I was unable to be that prolific. I may or may not have seen this as a meme but I did not intentionally steal it. It probably just seemed like a quote that best said what I felt. This is my “meme” version of it.

It turns out I’m neither as needy as I thought nor am I that desperate for “friends” anymore. I realized that I would never change the minds of the friends, colleagues and family members guzzling 45’s Kool-Aid, not to mention the haters, conspiracy theorists and “Rona” doubters. All that took me about seven months. Sitting at the computer turning purple and biting my tongue was not working. I learned to use the “unfriend” & “unfollow” options of my social media. It wasn’t easy but I only like purple for my hair.

One of the biggest surprises actually happened right here in the 900 square feet of living space we tentatively call “home”. I vividly remember realizing that my birthday & St. Patrick’s Day plans had just been terminated by the government. He-Who had not gone back to work yet and my work had just been “temporarily” postponed. We were in lock down. With each other. Alone. All by ourselves. If you had told me that eight months later neither lawyers or coroners had been called to our location I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are, still surviving.

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In 1969 my Mother lost her battle with breast cancer.
In 1992 I survived breast cancer.
In 2004 my Sister survived breast cancer.
In 2009 my Cousin – In – Law survived breast cancer.
These are some of the personal reasons I walk in the CIBC Run For The Cure .
I walk in Barrie, ON because that is where my survivor Sister started our team “Busom Buddies”

Bosum Buddies 2010

and because my Sister who lives in Angus is also part of that team. Each member of our team is either a survivor or has lost someone to breast cancer. There are a lot of teams in the Barrie run. There are a lot of groups in the Barrie run. There are a lot of people who participate in the Barrie run. The numbers rise no matter what the weather. So does the amount raised.

Great Turnout

This year, on Oct. 3rd, I woke up to temperatures below 5 degrees and pouring rain in Oakville. I thought of one of my friends who sponsors me, Tim, who’s last comment to me the day before was, “I sure hope the weather gets better for you”. Apparently Tim has an in with Mother Nature because as I drove towards Barrie, the rain cleared and the sun shone. It was a beautiful day.

The people of Barrie take their Run for the Cure very seriously. Women & men of all ages, children, babies and dogs (lots of dogs) participate.

Pink Dogs

Men With Pink Hair

There is a lot of competition for running, for raising money and for the wackiest “pink” costume. This year was a first for the Barrie Fire Department. Starfield Lion manufacturers of high-performance safety clothing for firefighters, police, and other emergency responders donated Pink fire fighter gear for the lads to walk in. These men, who most already consider to be heroes, proudly donned their pink garb and strutted their stuff the whole length of the course. Not an easy task. Their patience never wavered as they talked and laughed and posed for pictures with everyone who asked (pretty much everyone including yours truly).

Pink Firemen!

Kudos to Starfield Lion and the Barrie Fire Department  for caring about their community and doing something about it.

Barrie Taxi was there preparing to unveil their “Pink Ride
donating a portion of their fares for the month.

Pink Ride!

By now you have figured out, that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone can do something to help. My friend Marty Fawnkey deviated from his usual “business and marketing” blog post to  share information that Dr. Aaron Tabor was giving away his book “Fight Now: Eat and live proactively against breast cancer” as a free digital download. An amazing number of young people volunteered to simply be posted along the route of the Run for the Cure in Barrie, to simply cheer on all the participants.
Everyone can do something. How about you? What are you doing? What’s happening in your community?

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