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ThankyouThank you for reading my blog.

We Canadians are famous for our politeness. We throw around “Excuse me”, “I’m sorry”, “Please”and “Thank you” with abandon. It’s like it’s second nature for us. Maybe that is because it is second nature for us. We could be known for worse things! However, our common use of these polite phrases can make us take them for granted.

At a recent seminar entitled “Knocking Down Silos”, www.realhumanbeing.org the speaker, Dave Howlett, guides us to become “Real Human Beings” (RHB). Among the several insights he offers on the road to becoming an RHB is this challenge. Over a period of five weeks, send out two thank you cards each week. That means you have to actually buy 10 thank you cards. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive. It means you have to buy 10 stamps (remember those?). You have to actually write something in the card and mail it. The key is to make them sincere and specific. Send them to people who have made a difference in your life. This seemed like a simple task and I was eager to tackle it. There are many people in my life that made a difference and when I really thought about it, I had neglected to let them know that. The results were astounding!

As I wrote my first couple of cards I found myself pouring out feelings of gratitude I had never put into words. I scribbled out mistakes and created words (no spell check here) and made a decision to mail them as I wrote them, errors and all. I can’t tell you the sense of fulfillment that came over me as I dutifully mailed these cards. If the results stopped there, it would have been enough. That’s not what happened. I received an overwhelming response. Every card I mailed was gratefully acknowledged, read and re-read, and cherished by its recipient. My 87-year-old father received the second card I wrote. Now, my father knows I love him and I know he loves me. We tell each other every time we talk. This veteran of wars, marriages, and life phoned me in tears, overwhelmed by this card. He talks about it constantly and shows it to everyone who will let him (he’s really not one you can say “no” to). He has insisted on displaying it at his wake (hopefully not too soon).

How can such a simple gesture mean so much to people? My theory is that you have acknowledged their contribution to you, and too many people go unacknowledged for anything. Needless to say, I have long ago seen the end of my original obligatory 10 cards. I continue to send out “thank you” cards on a regular basis. It’s a simple thing but I am always rewarded with a smile, a hug or just a “thank you”.

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A month ago I decided it was about time to start blogging. I had procrastinated for some time because I knew (and had been warned over and over and over again) that it was very important to be faithful in updating a blog. If you truly wanted to have a successful blog you had to have fresh material posted at least weekly. The first week of March I finally bit the bullet and wrote my first blog, posted it and then sent out links informing everyone that I had “crossed the line and there was no turning back”. That was March 6th…one month ago. Well, as they say “timing is everything”!

March 11th I ended up in the emergency ward with the man of the house. As we all know there is no such thing as a quick trip to the emergency ward. We arrived at 5:00 pm and when I left at 12:30 am he was finally being given treatment. In the wee hours of the morning he was admitted to hospital. Three weeks, two surgeries, anesthetic, morphine, blood transfusions and eight catheters later he finally came home. That was two days ago. For those of you holding your breath he will be fine after some lengthy recoup time. But, as I said timing is everything…

Around Christmas time a close friend of mine who suffers from MS and is in a wheelchair sent out an email for help. He needed someone to watch over his blind 92-year-old mother in Niagara Falls while he went away for a much needed rest during spring break. I wasn’t working and was feeling the Christmas Spirit, and also thought it would give me a chance to catch up with people back home, so I volunteered. My friend’s timing for asking was perfect. Couldn’t have been better. The hospitalization of the man of the house, on the other hand, was really bad timing (although not his fault). Couldn’t have been worse. For 10 straight days I spent the day in Oakville hospital and drove to Niagara Falls each night to stay with my friend’s Mother. My first night I was able to sleep back in my own bed, I put my feet up and turned on the TV to veg. The phone rang at 10:30pm. My Father had been taken into emergency in St. Catharines. Talk about timing! The third week of March, First Toastmasters of Oakville, the club which I attend, had their theme set…”Timing is Everything”…Come on, you have to see the irony here. Really, it’s hysterical…perfect timing! It was also the week of my birthday (and St. Patrick’s Day). Lousy timing. Then of course, let’s not forget the “concert of a lifetime” that had cost us a fortune in December – our tickets for Fleetwood Mac were for March 26th. Hmmmmmm, timing.

Perhaps I picked a bad time to start a blog. Bottom line, you can plan, you can time. You can plan the time. But sometimes, no amount of planning can control the timing. My plan is to continue blogging, when I can… and when the time is right.


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