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I could have been rich, I tell you, I could have been rich! I knew it as soon as I saw it on Pinterest.

You see, several years ago I had a run in with breast cancer. I put in the obligatory year of treatment including the required surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. When the year was over there were a couple of things that stuck with me. One is that it became my reference for time. I now often refer to things as “BC.” Some people use this same time reference, but they mean “Before Children.” In my case, it is “Before Cancer.” Secondly, when the process began, I was a fairly well-endowed woman. But, when it was all said and done, I was left with one boob and one boobette™ (as I like to call it).

Now don’t ask me exactly when it happened, but at some point I started stuffing things in the leftover space. Yeah. That’s right – in the left over space on the boobette’s™ side of my bra. At first I was discrete. I would sneak in my change purse, or my cell phone, or my keys ― just when it wasn’t convenient to carry a purse and I wasn’t wearing anything with pockets. But before long I was carrying all three in there … at the same time … on a regular basis! I can honestly tell you there are few things that did not find their way in there.

The first time I went public, I was in line with a friend in the cafeteria at work. We were in the middle of a conversation when the cashier told me how much I owed her. Without thinking, I reached into my bra, pulled out my wallet and took out my debit card. My side of the conversation did not stop until I noticed my friend blushing at the cashier. I realized what I had done by the look on her face. “Oh. Sorry. That’s just my boob pocket,” was my response to “the look” as I stuffed the wallet back where it came from.

After that, my boob pocket (and a few urban legends that started circulating about it) became public knowledge. I would often move around throughout the work day, from upstairs offices to downstairs studios, green rooms, cafeterias, board rooms, tape libraries and master control. Just as often, I would leave something behind in one of those spots and have to retrace my steps. There wasn’t a room in the place that I couldn’t enter and say, “I can’t find my keys, phone, or whatever … did I leave them here?” and be met with the response: “Did you check your boob pocket?” More often than not, that is exactly where the missing item would be.

The only person who was still uncomfortable with it was “He-Who.” He did not like to talk about it. I will tell you, however, that he is continually handing me stuff and asking me to put it in my purse for him. I could get away with a clutch if it wasn’t for all the stuff I carry in my purse for him. But … he has yet to ask, even once, for me to put something in my boob pocket.

But here is my point. While wasting time researching on Pinterest, I came across a picture that left me with my mouth agape. LuLuLemon has created the ultimate boob pocket bra. It has not 1, not 2, not 3, but 7 pockets for all your essentials.

Seriously, I could have been rich. I did it first!

You may know that walking is now a regular part of my regimen. Well, I had been walking 5K every day and once again was having problems figuring how to carry the stuff I wanted to carry. Have you noticed how hot it’s been this summer! Minimal clothing was the only way to go. No extras like a backpack or a fanny pack were acceptable. There were no pockets in my workout clothes. It was time to get creative again. As it happens, I have a plethora of T-shirts and I don’t wear T-shirts. They are hot, unflattering, and I find them uncomfortable around my neck.

In fact, every year I walk with a team in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run For The Cure.

Walking For The Cure

My Mom died from breast cancer when I was 12, I am a survivor and one of my sisters is as well. It was my sister who started our team. We participate every year and every year we get a t-shirt. But I have never worn any of these t-shirts. Until now.

First, I cut off the sleeves and snipped the neckline. Then I sewed the sleeves onto the front of the shirt creating pockets. Each pocket has lots of room for my phone, keys, ID, a change purse and my inhaler. Just remember, you saw it here first!

This idea may not make me rich but it sure saved me some money on buying special clothing to walk in. Go ahead and dig out those old t-shirts you aren’t wearing and make your own fashion statement while you work out. Oh, and if you want to share some of that money you save with this clever idea and support a good cause while you’re at it, feel free to check out my sponsor page and donate.

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