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Competitiveness is not something I would consider to be one of my traits. In fact, I’ve never considered myself competitive. Sports certainly aren’t my thing. I didn’t even participate in them as a child. I do play games, but only stuff like word puzzles and Sudoko…against myself. No, I really have never considered myself the competitive type. Apparently,  I’m wrong.

Recently I was having a catch-up with my college buddy, Andrew. I was explaining to him that He-Who tells everyone I am having an affair with my Fitbit because I am always on line looking at my reports, trying to figure out how to increase my numbers. He said, “You are so competitive, I’ll just get one and we can be “friends”. Then you will constantly be trying to compete with me.”  My expression must have been one of shock or disbelief because he went on to qualify his statement, “Come on, you were so competitive with me in college.”  I was really surprised he felt that way. In my eyes, there was no competition. He was considerably younger than me (still is), extremely gifted in our field and really smart. He was a natural. I worked my old butt off trying to keep up while he never broke a sweat. I learned a lot from him but never considered myself a contender where he was concerned. He is right, though. Trying to keep up with him did make me better at Broadcasting. The more he knew, the harder I would try. Others misinterpreted our relationship to be that of rivals, and, I confess, Andrew and I both hammed it up to perpetuate the myth. Our classmates and professors couldn’t have been more surprised when they walked into a reunion gathering to find us sitting side-by-side, laughing.

Michelle & Andrew together again. Pictures had to be taken for fear everyone thought it was an illusion of alcohol consumption

Michelle & Andrew together again. Pictures had to be taken for fear everyone thought it was an illusion of alcohol consumption.

Of course, we had to sit and listen to them recount all our “sparring” matches to back up their reaction. To me, it was really funny listening to how it was interpreted. In my eyes, I was so much older than my classmates, I had just been through a bout with cancer and was focused on trying to start my life over again.

When He-Who got me my Fitbit for my birthday I started walking again. I’m not a natural walker. I always say He-Who glides and I lumber. It’s hard and I struggle with it, but I got myself up to walking five miles every day. Andrew runs.

Andrew in his running finery.

Andrew in his running finery.

It would kill me to try and keep up with him. So I’ve settled on calling my Fitbit “Andrew”. That’s right. My Fitbit has a first name. It’s A-N-D-R-E-W.


Andrew and some of his TV colleagues making the magic that is television.

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