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There is something magical about hats. You can put on a hat and become anyone you want whenever you want. My name is Michelle and I am a hattie©, a hataholic© if you will.

Honest, she had many more stylish hats.

My addiction started at a very young age, probably in the womb. My Mom was a hattie© too. My fondest memories of my Mom are of watching her dress to go out and placing the latest fashionable hat upon her crown. She was a goddess from head to toe. It’s sad that the only picture I have of her with a hat is from before I was born and it resembles a flying saucer. Playing dressup always included diving into her collection of hatboxes and modeling her treasures.

As a child I loved Easter. Not for the candy or chocolate but because I would get a brand new Easter bonnet. Getting that hat off my head afterward could prove to be challenging. When I got older and could buy my own hats…lets just say I had one for every occasion and one for every mood. I had warm hats, sexy hats, fancy hats, fun hats, hats that would cheer me up, hats that could help me hide. When I lost my hair from chemo I didn’t bother with wigs. I had enough hats to keep me covered throughout the treatment.

A hat for every occasion.

The hattitude does seem to be in my blood. My sister Pat has always been a hattie© too. 
And the next generation had their moments as well.

When my niece asked me to help her find a hat I swear a tear rolled down my cheek.

For my Grandniece’s 2nd birthday in March I bought her a hat. She loved that hat! In fact, early in the summer her Mom skyped me to ask me where I had found the hat I had bought her. When I asked her why, her answer warmed my heart from my toes to the top of my head.  Apparently she wore it all the time…everywhere!  I didn’t see the problem. My niece said,

“No. You don’t understand. We can’t get her to take it off. She sleeps in it. She swims in it and she wears it with everything. The hat is starting to rot  on her head and it’s starting to smell funny, but we can’t get her to part with it. I thought if I could find another one (or more than one) we could get her to swap it out.”


Of course, I went straight back to Macy’s and picked up four of them. Two with pink trim and two with purple trim. Problem solved, everybody was happy.

It seems that Ellee has had a chat with the newest member of our family, her little cousin Logan. Together they are carrying on the family hattitude.

Ellee and Logan Hattitude

The “Hattitude” is a family tradition.

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