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Niagara Falls ComicCon  has come and gone. I really wanted to attend this year. I had planned to attend this year. I actually had a mission for attending this year. My mission…find someone who I could interrogate about Peter Parker and Spiderman.

This is where I would like you to start humming the Spiderman song because I can tell you I can’t get that song out of my head and I really think it is time I stopped suffering alone. Here is an Aerosmith version of it for you to get in the mood.

It’s a little dark but it seems appropriate.

As a child I wasn’t a huge fan of Marvel comics and its heroes. I was more of an “Archie” kind of gal. Then they started making movies like the first Superman movie and I was hooked. I will watch any movie, good or bad, with a Super Hero in it. Iron Man, The Hulk, Avengers…any of them…all of them…over and over and over again. It may be my actual lack of contact with the original comics that may be the problem and that all my information is based on the movie story lines but I have to tell you I have some questions about Spiderman. Correct me if I am wrong. Mild mannered Peter Parker gets bitten by some kind of  super nuclear spider and morphs into Spiderman. Am I wrong here?

My week was a bit busier than usual and I had planned to end it by attending ComicCon. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I attended an intense program in Toronto on Marketing and Social Media. This included having to commute each day along hell’s highway (aka: the 401) into Toronto. Fortunately, my commuter buddies were great company and made the trip very easy for me.


Carpooling Made Easy

It had been a long time since I sat for 10 hours a day in a classroom. Actually, I don’t think I ever sat that long in my life but as I said it was an intense program and the days were long.

Back to School

The Longest Time I Have Ever Spent In Class

At some point Wednesday afternoon the middle finger on my right hand got itchy and I scratched it. Upon examination I realized I had another spider bite. I say “another” spider bite because I have been bitten by spiders a lot. Brown ones, black ones, white ones, big ones, small ones, all kinds of spiders have feasted on me. I often have a reaction to the bite and I have on several occasions ended up with infection and a course or two of antibiotics.  Thursday morning when I woke up I noticed my finger was quite swollen. It took me the whole drive into Toronto to get my ring off with the aid of some hand cream and a lot of profanity and grunting and groaning. By the time we were coming home my finger was throbbing and I was feeling unwell. I can tell you that my commuter buddies were tired of me wagging my middle finger at them and insisting they look at it. Friday I realized that the swelling and redness had moved up into the knuckles of my hand. I waited, not very patiently, for a delivery from Sears between “noon and five” which showed up around 4:30 and finally drove myself to the hospital.

Friday Morning - Crap! Here we go again.

Friday Morning – Crap! Here we go again.

I sent He-Who a text to tell him where I was in case he was looking for me. He wasn’t but appreciated the update anyway. In emergency an IV was put in and a bag of antibiotics was put through. I would need a treatment every 8 hours for the next 8 days. The good news was that arrangements were made for home nurses to come and take care of this. The bad news was that they couldn’t get that sorted until the morning and I would need to come back at 3:30 am Saturday, or as I like to call it “ComicCon Day”, for the next treatment.  I had driven myself to the hospital in my car which is a “stick” and I now couldn’t use my right hand so He-Who had to be called to rescue me. I was able to use his car to go back in the wee hours of the morning for the next treatment.  When the nurse came later in the day they hooked me up to a handy dandy little portable contraption that would give me my antibiotics every eight hours. Each bag held three treatments and there is a little computer that controls the whole mess so the nurse only has to come once a day.

Handy Little IV Setup

Handy Little IV Setup

By Monday morning my hand looked like this.

Fat Hand

Monday Morning – Sporting my new “ink” indicating where the infection was on Friday.

The IV site had to be moved to the other hand which left me with no hands working. That big swollen hand would not bend for anything.

2nd IV site

2nd IV Site

IV Bag

Handy Little Bag of Antibiotics

Handy Dandy Little Computer

Handy Dandy Little Computer

It was great to not have to spend the whole time in the hospital while this was being done. It was kind of neat to play with the computer and learn how to change my own bags. But come on, the only “web” I got out of this was this stuff.

Spider Web

Spider Web?  I think not!

I have questions Peter Parker!

Seriously, my “Spidey Senses” tell me if I am going to be the one known as the “Spider Lady” at the very least I should have a cool costume.

Spider Lady


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Oh, it’s true, these days “virtually” anything goes.

Having worked in the television industry for many years I have seen the world of “virtual” expand

In Studio Green Screen

into places we never would have imagined. For me, it started with “virtual sets”. The news anchors were seated at news desks set in front of “blue/green screens”. What appeared over the air or on tape were elaborate sets that

anyone in the business knew was far beyond any news room’s annual budget. Of course the early years were not perfect. Occasionally, some poor entertainment reporter would come off as having green hair.

I think the first movie that shared the technology with the public was the first “Superman” man movie with Christopher Reeve. During promotion for the movie they would show him in flight position in the air in front of the green screen and then put the background in. For some the “magic veil” was removed and it became just “smoke & mirrors”.  Now technology (and of course James Cameron) has  made “Avatar” not only possible but believable.

We have virtual friends, virtual offices, and even virtual worlds where you can have a “Second Life”.

One of the newer members of my Toastmasters group has just introduced me to the world of “Virtual Assistants”. In a time when having a full time assistant or secretary has become a thing of the past I found this new service to be valuable enough that I wanted to share what I have learned with you. My friend Beatrice Ten-Thye is a Virtual Assistant.  This is not something made up like so many of our new titles that have evolved out of Social Media. Quite frankly if one more person tells me they are the “guru”, “authority”, “expert” or “god” of social media … As far as I am concerned anyone no matter what level they are at, or how much they know is always learning more and will never know it all when it comes to Social Media. It evolves daily, minute by minute. Sorry about the tangent, but the point is there is training to become a qualified Virtual Assistant. Assist U is one of the most accredited places and where Beatrice trained. You can find the top 10 things you need to know about Virtual Assistants but in the mean time here is a list of some of the things a Virtual Assistant can help you with:

Word Processing – Document formatting – Database management – Travel arrangements – Announcements/Invitations/Holiday cards – Contact list creation & maintenance – Event planning – Internet research – Electronic filing system setup & organization – Proactive work style – generating ideas – Problem solving – Brainstorming…

Ok, you get the idea, virtually anything!

I think this is an idea whose time has come. Beatrice loves her job and she is really good at it. She would love to answer any questions you have about it.

Yes, these days we can do virtually anything or do anything “virtually”.  I would love to hear your ideas.
Talk soon,

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