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“Always be yourself. Unless you can be Khaleesi. Then be Khaleesi.”

Last night was the season finale of Game of Thrones. I’m happy to say that my current favourite characters are still alive. I would say alive and well but we’re talking about Game of Thrones here. It’s really hard to tell if anyone is well. Fans of the show fall into two categories: those who have read the books and those who have not.  My household falls into both categories. I have not read the books, so every time there is a massacre, or a character I am invested in dies, I am sitting there with my mouth open. He-Who, on the other hand, has read the books and knows better than to become invested in any of the characters. Just before the first head-chopping incident of a main character, He-Who casually mentioned this was going to happen. I didn’t believe him. I was wrong. He was right. This will be the one and only time you will see this in writing He-Who, so savour the moment. He-Who is no longer allowed to tell me anything. I rather enjoy the not knowing. In fact, I have already witnessed one of the most perfect moments in television history, as far as I am concerned. It was made that much better because I didn’t see it coming. I wished for it. I demanded it. I watched every frame hoping upon hope that some day it would happen. And then it did. Jofferey was killed. I honestly don’t think I have ever cheered louder in my life. Don’t judge.

There are many reasons I have become enamoured with Game of Thrones. The never ending surprise deaths are just one. (That just sounds horrible.) The writing is wonderful. The acting is stellar, and come on, Peter Dinklage (The King Slapper) is brilliant!

Peter Dinklage • Tyrion Lannister

Peter Dinklage • Tyrion Lannister

Although Dinklage claims the whole thing is shot in “Jersey”, truth be told it is filmed in my favourite place I’ve never been: Ireland. Seriously, check out that link. It goes directly to the “Seven Kingdoms”.

Welcome to "The Game of Thrones"...I mean Ireland

Welcome to “The Game of Thrones”…I mean Ireland

Then of course there is this guy. Sigh…

Jason-Momoa-Khal Drogo

Jason Momoa • Khal Drogo

But he is gone now.



There are dragons! Yes, dragons. Who doesn’t  love dragons? We have watched them since they were just wee eggs. We saw them emerge from their shells. We saw them take their first steps, make their first flight and spit their first flames. Khaleesi is the “Mother of Dragons”. Sometimes, however, I think everything she knows about dragons comes from the animated How to Train Your Dragon, but she is one of the strongest characters in “Game of Thrones”. I root for Khaleesi every episode. (And so does He-Who.) Khaleesi is a terrific role model for women. I would say she is a terrific role model for girls but the reality is, there should be no young girls watching this program. As much as I enjoy it, it is not meant for children. My niece Jane loves dragons. I love telling her about Khaleesi and her dragons, but leave out the other bits.  So, to sum it up, I love Game of Thrones, Ireland, dragons, Khaleesi and of course my niece. She may not be able to watch Khaleesi…but I can help her…be Khaleesi.

Jane as Khaleesi

My Niece Jane as Khaleesi

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It’s not easy being a blogger.  People blog for all kinds of reasons.  Some have a “cause”, some have an expertise and some have a story. I started blogging for several reasons.

When the big wipeout came in the TV industry we were all sent to “coaches” and seminars and networking groups and they pretty much all had the same list of things you “have” to do…

• you have to tweet  (check)

• you have to join linkedin (check)

• make sure you are on facebook (check)

• you need to blog (huh, what the heck am I going to blog about?)

I didn’t really feel I had a lot to say, and I didn’t really feel that anyone would read it.  Somewhere after the first couple attempts at being brilliant and profound I decided I really enjoyed writing again. It occurred to me that if no one was going to read it anyway I could write what I wanted to write and that’s what I started to do.  I have no children or grandchildren so I couldn’t join the ranks of the Mommy/Daddy/Grandparent bloggers. My bout with cancer is long gone and although I have a couple of stories to share my “journey” with it is over. I haven’t done any photography in years so that was out.  In the end I just decided to write about stuff I cared about, stuff that made me happy, stuff that made me laugh and stuff that made me cry.  Once it was posted it would be out there … forever… and whether I had kids or not someday someone might read it and know I was here. Not to mention as I get older it makes it easier for me to remember if I can go back and read about it.

So, I write.  I don’t write every day like some.  I like to write weekly but sometimes that turns into bi-weekly and occasionally monthly.  I don’t have a huge following. I don’t even have a little following. In fact I pretty much have no following – 35 as of this writing. I do know hundreds of people actually read the posts and I get a lot of emails commenting on the posts but for some reason even my family and friends have not figured out how to push on that little button that says “follow” or to actually comment on the blog and not send an email.  I read of other bloggers who are “new” and have hundreds of followers and are gushing with gratitude. Who cares? Right? Well, apparently I do.  One day after a particularly long spell between posts I received a comment on my blog asking if I was OK because they had noticed I hadn’t posted for awhile. This comment came from someone I have never met, who lives in another country and who’s work I admire a great deal. Now he is a blogger! You can find Otto von Münchow at his blog Münchow’s Creative Photo Blog or at his most recent adventure  Øystein og Otto’s Blog

That one comment changed everything and I realized that I was a part of this community. This community of bloggers.

He has been encouraging and supportive and has twice named me for an award the most recent being the Angelika Award.  “The Angelika Award is for those who have touched my humble life, like a book, like a teacher, like a master.” That is quite the statement and I can honestly say that statement best describes Otto.

As part of The Community of Bloggers (see how that just became an official name?)… membership has its responsibilities.  You must read and support other peoples blogs. Now, the support part is not that difficult but the read part can wear me down.  I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs. Some of them are amazing!  However,  it is hard enough to keep up with daily posts, but some people post 2, 3, 4 times a day or whenever a random thought crosses their brain.  I keep saying I have to stop following them, but then I hit one of their gems that had me follow them in the first place and I say, “Never mind!”.  Seriously though, the number one reason I don’t blog more is that most of my spare time is taken up by reading blogs.

Another way we, The Community of Bloggers,  support each other is to share blogging awards and promote each other’s blogs.  I have been fortunate to receive some of these awards from my fellow bloggers.  Each of these awards comes with instructions some of which are simple, some of which … well, not so much.  Some bloggers throw caution to the wind and don’t follow the rules or make up their own as they go along.  One of the common rules is to nominate other bloggers for the award. It could be 5. It could be 10. One blogger totally threw out any and all rules and just pointed to 100 blogs. Yes, I said 100!  I am still working my way through that list. Why you may ask? Good question.  Although 75% of those blogs may not interest me, 25% will and I will be glad I read them. I will probably end up following about 10% of them.  That is exhausting!

My latest nomination came from Cdn Stormlover (Lee), over at Life In The Dash Lane.  She is funny,feisty and fierce. Thank you Lee for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am not necessarily a fan of rules but I do believe in following tradition so I will adhere to the instructions:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

• Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy. (Check…please see above)

• Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it. (Check…please see above…easy peasy)

• Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)

• Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.

• Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Here are the 15 Bloggers  I nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award.  All are worthy of a click through and a follow. 

Fabulous 50’s

The Middlest Sister

JavaGirl’s Life

The Byronic Man

Sweet and Weak


Life With The Top Down

Woggins Writing

Experiments in Experience

Mostly Bright Ideas

The Good Greatsby

The Big Sheep Blog

Merrily We Roll Along

Speaker 7

Journalist On The Run

Ok Lee, here are 7 things about me…

1) Green is my favourite colour, but not emerald or forest green. I really like Olive green.

2) I don’t know what “Freshly Pressed” is. Anybody?

3) The best St. Patrick’s Day party I ever went to was in Maui.

4) I hate green tea. It tastes like dishwater.

5) I organize my computer files into so many layers you need a treasure map to find anything.

6) I like to name inanimate objects. I once had a Christmas tree named Ralph but changed it to Irving after reading a story about Irving Berlin.

7) I really like my last list of 7 better than this one.

I will write it. They may not come. You can lead a reader to a post but you can’t make them follow.

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I love this photo!

I found it on Pinterest.  My version was uploaded by someone known as SinSombra. I was led on a merry chase trying to find the original owner/creator – this image is all over the internet. In fact, one site even claimed that Prince Harry used it as his Facebook photo at one time (I did not find this). Whether it came from NeonBubble’s Posterous, Words Over Pixels, Josh Fleming’s Happy Place or any of the other places you will find it, my point is, that it is not my photo.

However, it is a photo that could have been mine. She could have been my Aunt, my Sister, several of my cousins, a few of my nephews and even me.  We all know what it is like to get sunburned without really trying. In fact, our best tans are really just when our freckles all join as one to give us colour. I don’t quite understand the stigma behind being a ginger… a red head … a carrot top. OK, maybe that last one thanks to this guy.  Some of the most beautiful women in the world were/are gingers. Some of the most brilliant people in the world are redheads. Some of the most influential people in my life have been carrot tops. Of course all my family members are included on this list, but most of the rest you will recognize and admire yourself.  Maureen O’Hara, Nicole Kidman, Robert Redford, Bernadette Peters,  Prince Harry,  Reba McIntyre, Winston Churchill, Debra Messing, Julianne Moore, Carol Burnette, Ron Howard, Conan O’Brien and the list goes on, and on, and on. All of these copper tops did OK for themselves, wouldn’t you say?

Currently the ginger I admire the most is  Erika Napoletano.  You can find her everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and of course on her blog Redhead Writing Ranting. Erika is smart, sassy, strong, feisty and funny. She says what she thinks whether you like it or not, and often shares her vulnerabilities with us as well. I have learned more from her over the past couple of years than I have from anyone else. Erika is a published author and her latest book The Power of UnPopular is a must read.

Probably the most influential redhead in my life has to be Lucille Ball.  No, I never met her.  But we all know how funny and talented she was. This woman was brilliant and the contributions she made to the television industry are beyond measure. In fact, I did my thesis on her.

Every piece of equipment or technique used in television production today had to be developed at some point because of a stumbling block. The “I Love Lucy” show was created so early in television history that it was responsible for solving some of the mysteries encountered by television production.

You may find this hard to believe but “I Love Lucy” originally only aired from Oct. of 1951 to May of 1957, however it has remained wildly popular for over five decades. This is because both Lucy and her husband Desi Arnaz believed that although it may have cost a little more, they didn’t cut any corners and made something that would last. They were the first producers to put their shows on film. In those early days of television, shows were recorded on poor quality gadgets called kinescopes. The result was a poor quality recording that was virtually unwatchable. Film was more expensive on many levels, but had they not used it we would not be watching it today.  The use of film led them to develop the three camera film method, the method still used today. A special flat lighting was developed to make the lighting even from all points of view. To handle editing massive amounts of film being shot by three cameras for every scene, a special multi-headed moviola machine was developed. This enabled them too view the footage from all three cameras at the same time.

Dann Cahn and The Moviola Monster, for multi-cam editing

The original episode never actually aired. At the time it was called an “audition” piece and the series was developed after it was sold. Today, we sell the show then develop a series “Pilot” as the first episode.

One of Lucille Ball’s first battles was with CBS, which was refusing to let Desi Arnaz play her husband. They didn’t think anyone would believe a beautiful redheaded American girl would marry a Cuban, baba loo, conga drum-playing kind of guy. She quickly pointed out that she had, and stuck to her guns. Then her real life pregnancy became an issue because no one even said the word “pregnant” on TV in the 50s. Censorship laws were very strict. They had to refer to Lucy as “expecting” and a priest, a rabbi and a minister had to okay every script. Can you imagine?! It sounds like a setup for a joke.

Canned laughter, merchandising, the rerun and the teleprompter also came about as a direct result of the “I Love Lucy” Show and its team. So you see, I Love Lucy pioneered television filming and it made that very film process the industry standard.

Lucille Ball had overcome a lot of personal struggles and was already a successful movie star by the time she risked everything to take a chance on TV.

Personally, I’m glad she did.

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” Lucille Ball

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It’s that time of year again.

It’s the time of year when I hear “the call of the wild”. It’s coming from the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention in Las Vegas. And what could be wilder than Las Vegas? Thousands of Broadcast Professionals all converging in the same place at the same time ― that’s what.

I love Vegas.

Michelle & Paul NAB – Vegas 2008

I have been there during the months of November, December, March and April and as far as I am concerned, April is the most perfect month to be in Las Vegas. I have been attending NAB every year since 1998; sometimes on my own; and sometimes for whoever I worked for at the time. The weather is always perfect in April, and a funny thing happens every year. I watch my fellow Broadcast/Media professionals as they prepare for the trip. Everyone seems worn and tired. We file onto crowded planes and cram ourselves in too small seats. But as we approach Las Vegas, the energy level changes ever so slightly. There seems to be a little spark in everyone’s eye. The talk centers on what we are focusing on at the show. We step off the plane into the perfect weather and it can’t be helped … the sides of our mouths start to curve upward. By the time we hit the convention floor on Monday morning, you would barely recognize those weary travelers from the day before. The game is on. Let’s see what’s new, what’s improved and just how big the Sony booth is this year.

Lynn @ NAB – Very Much With Child

Mindy & Michelle NAB 2008

TED from RED allowing me to hold the “EPIC” – NAB 2010

The past couple of years have been trying times for Broadcast/Media folk. We have said good–bye to long standing co-workers and some of us said good–bye to places we worked at for a decade or more. Of course there were cutbacks: things not purchased; trips not taken. As they say on Twitter … “fail”. If there is anything that can raise morale in a company, it would be to send the brightest and best somewhere, anywhere that they can get refreshed, energized, and learn. NAB affords an opportunity to learn and grow. To network. To see new technology. To touch new technology. To talk to experts. To ask questions … Yes, I could go on and on. On the trip home, when the same bedraggled people get back on the same overcrowded plane and sit in the same too small seat, they don’t even notice. They are talking to anyone and everyone. Did you get to talk to “Ted from Red” ? Did you catch Steve Garfield hosting Telestream Live? Can you believe the size of that Sony booth? That all comes home with them and it’s contagious. They bring back a breath of fresh air for those who were left behind. But their enthusiasm spreads like wildfire. It was worth every cent.

CNN Party – NAB 2008

There it is again…can you hear the call?


Just for fun, more random shots of Vegas.

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The television industry can introduce you to some real characters.  Whether it is in front of the camera or behind the scenes, it’s really easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of this land of “make believe”. Make no mistake about it even the “reality” shows are about as far away from reality as you can get. There are times you can look around in a studio and not see one person you would call a “friend” or would want to actually invite into your home.


On rare occasions someone will walk in that you know is the genuine article.
Recently, a friend & colleague I know was given the honour of being appointed to the Order of Ontario for her achievements in journalism. This is the most prestigious official honour in the Province of Ontario.  It recognizes the greatest minds, forward-thinkers, humanitarians, activists and pioneers in the province.  I don’t believe that “given” is really the appropriate word as she earned this honour. Connie Smith is definitely the genuine article.  Connie is a veteran in the Canadian Broadcast industry. She is a respected journalist, reporter, producer and mentor.  Her husband, Dave Wilson, is also a veteran in the industry and one of the finest Directors I have ever had the privilege of working with. Connie and Dave are two of the most socially responsible professionals I have ever met and have a gift for treating people with respect and putting them at ease.

As I watched (via Facebook) the progress of the celebrations for Connie’s appointment I thought of some of the truly talented and gifted people I have worked with over the years and am honoured to call my friends.


This list has to start with Tanya Prokomenko.  When I first met Tanya she was just finishing the Broadcast Program at Mohawk College. She was smart, eager and talented.  Tanya has a presence about her that can take your breath away when she enters a room.  When an opportunity came to put her in front of the camera it was a no brainer and the rest, as they say, is history.  Tanya has always been a hard worker and was never afraid to get her hands dirty.  She is just as comfortable sporting the latest runway fashion as she is sitting in a boat angling for the “big one”. The thing that I love most about Tanya is her sense of humour. Over the years we have found ourselves in some pretty incredible situations and her quick wit has always made me smile, if not laugh out loud until I am crying uncontrollably.  The comment I hear the most about about Tanya from camera people, editors and producers is that they love working with her  because of “her sense of humour”.


Kristi Stewart is the epitome of professionalism.  Kristi has was of the most amazing, versatile  voices in the industry.  I am always amazed how she can nail the exact intonation you are looking for within the first few seconds of a read with very little direction.  Kristi is not just a voice, however. This woman has the patience of Job. On set with children shooting their first commercial, I witnessed her coaching, encouraging and directing them into brilliant performances. She also spends a great deal of her personal time working with people like Elizabeth Grandbois in her search for an ALS cure.  Kristi brings a dynamic energy to everything she does including friendships.


As I write I am surprised to find that  my list is getting longer. Producer Dorie Cowling, Graphic Designer Lynn Demers – Callewart, Actress Sandra Jackson and Senior Executive Producer Richard Landau are just a few who have come into my professional life and become much admired friends and colleagues.

It has been an honour to work with and know all of these people. And there are more. Perhaps the real truth here is, there are far more kind, generous and genuine people working in the industry then those that are not. It might be time to start talking about them.

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Last week I spent some time with some of the most talented individuals in the entertainment industry, from all over the world.
No.  I am not talking about Angelina, Brad or George.  I was not at TIFF (Toronto Film Festival).

I had the honour of being one of the judges for the PROMAX/BDA awards.  Something I have participated in for several years and enjoy to no end.

PROMAX/BDA is the International Association for Entertainment Marketing Professionals. The PromaxBDA Awards is the only competition dedicated to recognizing excellence in Marketing, Design and Creative content in the entertainment industry. With thousands of entries each year, the competition is stiff. But if your work is strong enough to bring home a Muse, you’ll understand why the PromaxBDA Awards are the industry standard for excellence.

Personally, I have competed and twice brought home my very own Muse from the annual convention in New York City.  I know what it meant to me to receive this honour, (did I mention twice?) so I take it very seriously when asked to judge the work of others. There are many categories and the only ones you are not eligible to score are ones that you may be competing in yourself. Each category is scored in the same manner. Points are given for Marketing Objective, Overall Creativity and Production quality, with each of these being scored out of 100%. It is always a surprise to see which straw I draw for categories and I was very fortunate to get my two favourite categories while judging PROMAX/BDA ANZ (Australia/New Zealand). “Something For Nothing”, and the “Rocket” awards.

My favourite category is “Something For Nothing”. The name speaks for itself. You have something to promote. There is no money in the budget for this. You have limited resources and quite often the show/special/event hasn’t started yet so you don’t even have any visuals to work with. OK, I admit this may be near and dear to my heart because I myself find that I continually have to create a “Silk Purse from a Sows Ear” (this is where you should look up, way up, and see the name of my blog at the top). It never ceases to astound me what people are capable of creating when they start with nothing. Quite often I find myself watching the same entry over and over again trying to figure out how they came up with their ideas, or because I am astounded at the impact of a piece that is simplicity itself. Here are a couple of my favourites for you to enjoy, each quite different from the other.

Here There   &   The Riff: Promo With Carissa (Long)

The second category I love is called the promo “Rocket” award. This award celebrates new, up and coming talent. As the name insinuates the individuals competing for this award are the bright and shining stars of the future and not even the sky will limit them. They are judged on a body of work with the same criteria as the other awards…Marketing Objective, Overall Creativity & Production Quality. It is a reward itself to be able to view some of the creative genius of these young people and one can only imagine what they will share with us in the future. Here are a few of the people to be on the watch for …
Anastasia Doniants – TVNZ , Karlton Christopher Akari – Fox Sports , Jared Barnes – W-Foxtel , Luke Farquhar– XYZ Networks and Carlos Sanchez – Nickelodeon.  There were several more but this will give you a taste of the talent that is being unleashed on the world.

I spent a week admiring and being inspired by these spots. Laughing, crying, oohing and awing and thoroughly enjoying myself. Always, sad when it is over, I was thrilled to see in my inbox my notification that “Judging for Promax/BDA Africa starts today”, and I was off for another week of viewing some pretty incredible talent.

Note: If you do not belong to PROMAX/BDA or have never attended the PROMAX/BDA Annual Conference at the very least sign up for their Daily Brief where you can be updated on industry happenings and news and are treated to a daily sample of some of the latest brilliance in the industry.

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This is for Jo. She tries very hard to always be Switzerland (even though her heart is in Ireland) and make things easier for everyone.  The other day I caught her in her office with the most colourful slippers on. She told me her Aunt Julie gave them to her and they keep her feet warm.

Everyone has a favourite pair of slippers. Some, have more than one favourite pair of slippers.

Slippers can be the most comfortable things in the world… some keep your feet warm and some keep your feet cool. Throughout history slippers have been portrayed as being like your best friend, actually they are even brought to you by your other best friend as you come through the door. Your puppy will come bounding up to you with tail wagging and your slippers gripped safely in his mouth. Yes, your slippers can be like your best friend but even your best friends have their limitations and should know their place.

Slippers come in all shapes and sizes. There are light ones and dark ones. Big fluffy ones and soft furry ones. Some are shaped like lions and tigers and bears…oh my. Some are shaped like dogs and cats and rats…oh…my!

They are made from cotton, or wool or plastic. There are famous ones like Dorthy’s ruby slippers or Cinderella’s glass slippers. Some are shaped like famous people like Elvis, Freud and Homer Simpson…doh.

One of my favourite pairs of slippers are relatively plain but they are soft and comfortable and they keep my feet warm. I wear them all the time. They are particularly soothing after a busy day on my feet. Unfortunately, they are very worn and have a lot of stains on them from me spilling in the kitchen while cooking or cleaning.

One busy day while preparing for a season launch at the TV station I ran into a rather embarrassing situation. It was that time of year when you hit the ground running upon waking up and you don’t stop for the next 14 hours until you drop your head on the pillow at the end of the day. I had several meetings that afternoon so I was dressed to impress. My first stop that day was on my way into the office, I stopped to check on the graphics being designed for the new vehicle wraps, from there I ran into Starbucks and grabbed lattes and chais for my editors who were working as hard as I was. After dropping the drinks off in two different edit suites I went into the studio to check on one of the new sets and then went into the control room to go over lighting with the director. Next I ran up to the third floor to the HR office to go over some resumes for an impending hire and then had to stop at the Marketing directors office before landing in the Comptroller’s office to haggle over what we would offer for salary for the new hire. I had managed to get most of my morning errands done and had about 20 minutes to catch up on some emails and return phone calls. I finally slowed down to a leisurely pace on my way to my office.

That’s when I heard it…

Thwack, thwack, twack …what the heck was that?

…thwak, thwak, thwak, … it sounded so familiar.

Thwack, thwack, thwack, OH MY GOSH I KNOW THAT SOUND!

I looked down and there on my feet were my old worn and stained slippers. I had been running around all morning like that and not one person had said a word. My whole afternoon was set up for meetings and I had no time to run home and get my heels. A quick phone call home had my “Knight in not so shining armor” also known as my husband, Paul, racing from Oakville to Burlington with several pairs of shoes while I hid in my office with my face scarlet. After that I always left several pairs of heels at the office “in case of emergency”.

Heels are funny things. They are seldom comfortable. In fact, I think it is a scientific fact that the better the shoe looks the more uncomfortable they are. Often, what I wear and the accompanying shoes are directly related to my scheduled activities for the day. If I know I will be sitting at my desk all day and the only walking I will be doing is to the restroom and back I can wear the killer heels I love! At the end of one such day Paul called and asked me to meet him for dinner on my way home from Toronto. I figured I could handle walking into the restaurant and back out. Unfortunately, while enjoying our dinner it was discovered that we had to stop at one of the malls on our way home to pick up a gift for a birthday we had forgotten. Now we were pushing it…by the time I walked into the mall and reached the store we were headed for I could barely move. I had to take off the heels and walk in my stocking feet to the slipper section in one of the department stores so I could buy a pair of slippers just to get back to my car. Of course all the ones I picked out for the comfort factor Paul refused to be seen with me in. We had to find a pair that I could wear and be comfortable but would not embarrass Paul as we walked through the mall. Apparently, my taste in slippers was more embarrassing than walking around in stocking feet. We finally settled on a pair and I am happy to say they are my new favourite slippers.

Of course I was a little smarter this time and got a darker colour so the stains don’t show if I should happen to accidently wear them to work. Not that that will ever happen again. My slippers may be as comfortable as my best friend but even my best friends have their limitations and know their place.

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